Code Onyx Forms

NDA MUTUAL Agreement

A Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement is a useful tool for individuals to protect a product idea or business plan before it has been fully developed. In these situations and more, a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement can help us ensure privacy and protect your information.

1099 MISC.Form

The 1099 form is a series of documents the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) refers to as "information returns." If you are an independent contractor or self-employed you should receive a Form 1099-MISC.

W-9 MISC.Form

When you're contracted by Code Onyx LLC it's expected that you'll be compensated, we will ask you to provide a W-9 form. It then uses the form to prepare Form 1099-MISC.

ICA Contractor Agreement

An Independent Contractor Agreement is a written contract between Code Onyx LLC. and "The Client" for a specific service or project. One person or company is hiring another to help on a short term task. Unlike an employment agreement, this document clearly spells out why the party being hired is not an employee for legal and tax purposes.

Credit Card Authorization

Whenever we are taking payment by credit card and the card isn’t present, there is some degree of risk. To safeguard against that risk — which includes chargebacks — Code Onyx LLC. require our clients to sign a document that gives us permission to charge their card as written in "ICA Agreement".

Please make sure your form is filled out correctly and signed.